Diesel in your petrol tank

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Diesel in your petrol tank?

If you've put diesel in your petrol car, do not start the car and do not panic! More than 400 people in the UK put the wrong fuel in their engine every day, so you're certainly not alone. It may seem like something to be embarrassed about, but it isn't. It's an easy mistake to make!

What to do if you've put diesel in a petrol car

First of all, don't start the engine! A petrol engine uses much higher temperatures to burn the fuel in order to make the engine run smoothly, but diesel burns at a much lower temperature. Diesel will not lubricate all the different parts of the fuel system if it is burning too quickly, so it could cause very expensive damage if left running. Even the fumes from diesel could damage the catalytic converter in the exhaust of a petrol engine car, and these aren't cheap to replace!

Draining a petrol tank

If you're still in the petrol station, please try to move your car away from the pumps. Ask passengers to help, other users on the forecourt, or forecourt staff. If it's impossible to move your car without the engine running, inform the station staff, who may put up cones around your car to avoid anybody queuing up behind you.

If you've already moved off before you've realised the wrong fuel has been used, stop the car as soon as possible in a safe place and call us. We will be able to give you a quote over the phone and, if needed, provide recovery assistance if draining the fuel system will not fix the problem.

If you have broken down in the middle or on the side of the road, please ensure your own safety first before contacting us. If it is safe to do so, exit the car and stand well away in case an accident occurs.

What happens once I've phoned you?

We will aim to be with you within one hour of your call, though please note, lone female drivers are classed as a higher priority and may take priority over your call.

When the technician arrives, they will assess the situation and begin the fuel recovery process. This generally involves removing the wrong fuel from the petrol tank, lines and filter, before pouring in 5-10 litres of fresh, correct fuel to push out the last of the contaminated fuel.

If the draining process works, you'll be on your way within the hour. If, however, the draining process does not work, which is very rare, we will recover your vehicle and take it to a safe place for you, be that your home, work, relatives house, or garage.

How much will it cost?

Wrong fuel recovery in Manchester and wrong fuel recovery in Liverpool entirely depends on the make, model and age of your car, as well as the complexity of the fuelling system.

Unfortunately, most insurance policies will not cover misfuelling accidents. In some tailored packages there may be certain clauses that could cover you, but in most mainstream policies, this is not covered.

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Wrong fuel FAQ

Q: Can I start my car?
A: NO! please push it away from the pump.

Q: I have already started the engine - how bad is it?
A: If you have just moved it away from the pump then we can drain the tank, filters and fuel pump. Normally this is sufficient.

Q. I have driven a few miles and broken down?
A. We can still empty and clean the tank, pump and filters, most likely it will be fine but we can recover the vehicle if needed.

Q: What happens to the fuel?
A: We store it and it is collected for recycling so it is not wasted.